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N470-PTZ Underwater Pan & Tilt Color Camera

N470-PTZ is a robust and shock resistant CCD camera with an auto-focused X18 optical zoom lens (X4 digital, giving X72). The camera has built-in pan- and tilt- functions, which makes it user-friendly and flexible. It has two individually adjustable lighting units, a remotely controlled zoom, focus/auto-focus and iris/auto-iris. The camera has high quality close-up characteristics with a light sensitivity as low as 3 lux (0,2 lux with optional Ir-filter). N470-PTZ is used for inspection of large surfaces where frequent auto re-focusing is required.

N470-PTZ is designed for inspections of reactor vessels and internal parts in reactors of any type. Typical tasks of the systems are surveillance during offload and refueling of fuel assemblies/ control rods and during lifting and replacing of reactor internals. The camera is also ideally suited for core mapping, fuel repair work, core grid inspection and inspection of reactor internal nozzles and pipe/ tube systems.


- Time saving inspection of reactor vessels and internals - Time saving surveillance during offload and refueling - Time saving surveillance during fuel repair and reactor outage services - Time saving core mapping

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