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N35HR is a high radiation tolerant black and white tube TV camera. The camera is fitted with a special high radiation tolerant non-browning Chalnicon or Vidicon camera tube, which combines high sensitivity and high temperature tolerance. It is equipped with non-browning lens and front-glass that withstands high radiation without decreasing its optical performance.

N35HR is a reliable solution for both single-camera application and for multi-camera CCTV networks. No separate adjustment of the camera is needed during or before operating.

It is, compared to conventional black and white cameras, a high-resolution camera designed for excellent image reproduction as well as high radiation tolerance.


- Special inspection in high radiation areas and spaces. - Core grid verification. - Monitoring offload and refueling of fuel assemblies and control rods. - Inspecting fuel assemblies and nozzles. - This camera is radiation hardened.

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