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AhlLight 70

Robust radiation tolerant high-power underwater pool light. For illumination of underwater work areas and spaces. Optimized reflector design, increases light output, and ensures an even spread of light.  

HI-RAD S HD Underwater High Definition Camera

HI-RAD HD is a robust shock resistant HD camera with auto-focused X10 optical zoom (X12 digital, giving X120). The camera has built-in pan- and tilt- functions for easy and flexible use. It has two individually adjustable lighting units, remotely controlled zoom, focus/auto-focus and iris/auto-iris.  

P200 Camera Control Unit

P200 is a state-of-the-art multi-functional CCU for SD and HD cameras. It's a self-diagnostic unit with both scalable and programmable functions.  


Ahlberg Electronics employs new electronic engineer to the R&D office in Varberg.

Erik Westerberg, who recently completed his studies to become an electronics engineer, says, “I look forward to start working for Ahlberg Electronics, we are at the forefront of development and the job is demanding and exciting.”

We welcome Erik on board our team!

Created: 2011-08-15


4-Face Fuel Inspection System order 2013-06-05

Ahlberg Cameras Inc. was awarded the contract for a 4-Face Fuel Inspection System order from Duke Energy Progress Inc.

Employment 2013-04-17

Ahlberg Electronics employs a new production co-worker.

Employment 2013-04-02

Ahlberg Electronics employs new Electronics Engineer.

Employment 2013-04-02

Ahlberg Electronics strengthen the sales team.

Employment 2013-03-15

Ahlberg Electronics employs new constructor.

4-Face Fuel Inspection System and camera system orders 2012-11-09

Ahlberg Cameras Inc. wins second 4-Face Fuel Inspection System order in 2 weeks’ time.  

New 4-Face Fuel Inspection System HD order 2012-10-24

Ahlberg Electronics wins a bid in Korea for a 4-Face Fuel Inspection System in HD.  

Employment - US office 2012-10-01

Ahlberg Cameras Inc. employs two Service Technicians to meet growing demand.  

Available job openings at the headquarter in Norrtlje 2012-09-28

Go to WORK at the top on the webpage to find out more of our available jobs.

Ahlberg Electronics AB and Brokk AB join forces 2012-03-02

Brokk AB, the world leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines, has acquired the Swedish company Ahlberg Electronics AB. The companies have collaborated for a few years and have now decided to join forces to further strengthen their presence within the nuclear industry.

Employment 2012-01-25

Ahlberg Electronics employs new production co-worker

Ahlberg Electronics reaches new goals 2011-10-20

Sweden’s largest business daily, Dagens Industri (Industry Today; holds a well known contest every year to appoint the fastest growing companies.

Employment 2011-10-07

Ahlberg Electronics employs production co-worker.

Employment 2011-10-07

Ahlberg Electronics employs new electronic engineer.

Order 2011-08-15

Ahlberg Cameras wins second large order from major US NPP.

Employment 2011-08-15

Ahlberg Electronics employs new electronic engineer to the R&D office in Varberg.

Order 2011-08-10

Ahlberg Cameras receives large order from major US NPP.

Breakthrough order 2011-07-26

Ahlberg Electronics meets a breakthrough order to an NPP in Spain.

Employment 2011-06-08

Ahlberg Electronics employs new engineer to meet growing demand.

Kick off 2011-05-27

Ahlberg Electronics relaxes after a lot of hard work.

4-Face Fuel Inspection System White Paper 2011-03-28

White Paper about the 4-Face Fuel Inspection System.